Freedom of movement for the baby and room for shopping


Freedom of movement for the baby and room for shopping. The comfortable hammock fits perfectly in almost every shopping trolley: plenty of freedom to move for you and your baby and lots of room for your shopping.

The solution for easy shopping with your baby

The Hammock 2GO is the perfect solution for shopping with your baby. From now on, you can easily do the shopping, go to the garden centre, visit a furniture shop or the DIY store with your baby. You can easily lift your baby from the car into the hammock in your shopping trolley. If you want to, you can even take your Maxi Cosi or a car seat with you. Hygienic and safe for your baby and easy for you.

The hammock that gives you and your baby freedom to move

The Poppiezz Hammock2GO gives you and your baby full freedom of movement so that you can shop to your heart’s content. In the shopping trolley there is enough room underneath and around the hammock for all your shopping. Your baby is close to you, is comfortable, and ergonomically supported by the super strong fabric of the hammock. Hammock2GO is an innovative design, made of a strong fabric and available in four different designs. The hammock is of course perfectly washable.


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The natural position for your baby


A natural position for a young baby is the fetal position with a curved back. A hammock is extremely comfortable and provides the correct support. The curved design reduces the chance that the baby stays in its one preferred position. Read our blog about the ergonomics for the baby.

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This is how to use the Hammock2GO:


The Hammock2GO is incredibly easy to use. You can park your car, get a shopping trolley, fold out the hammock and tie it to the shopping trolley with the orange strap pointing forward. Fasten also the velcro fasteners on both sides of the hammock to the shopping trolley. Then take your baby out of the car seat, put it into the hammock and fasten the belts. Alternatively, you can take the car seat with the baby out of the car and put the seat into the hammock. The safety belt is in the side pocket of the hammock. Secure the baby with this belt, pull the strap and you are ready to go shopping!

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Product information on the Hammock2GO

approx. 400 g
approx. 60 cm x 45 cm
Material inside:
Material outside:
Filling material:
100% polyester
safety belts, additional velcro to fasten the hammock, maximum capacity of the plastic hooks is up to 25 kg.
Care label:
indigo jeans, pink/grey, soft green/grey
one size
Target group:
0-9 months (the hammock can be used up to 11 kg or until the baby can sit up)
The Poppiezz Hammock2GO meets the directives of the NEN-EN 12790:2009 safety standards for reclined cradles.