Een stoer merk voor originele babyspullen

Poppiezz is a sturdy brand for original baby gadgets.

It is perfectly suitable for taking your baby with you as much as possible. Poppiezz stands for innovative and safe baby gifts of excellent quality.

Inspiration for the brand Poppiezz, the Happy Company


The brand Poppiezz, the Happy Company, came into being in the search for a practical maternity gift of high quality. I wanted to give my friends a gift which they could really use. It had to add something to the busy lives of parents. I remembered the time that I had a baby and a toddler myself. As a mother of two, I never came across practical baby gadgets that were easy to use, looked good and were sturdy at the same time. I was uncomfortable about putting my baby on other people’s mats or just on the floor as I thought it was unhygienic.

A voyage of discovery for the Playmat2GO

My voyage of discovery led to the first prototype of the Poppiezz Playmat2GO: a handy playpen blanket that you could fold into a bag with the toys still in it. Taking it with you, folding it out again wherever you are, and using it to play on. A mat made of fantastic materials and at the same time a perfect bag. For that reason an ideal mat which was received enthusiastically by the test groups. The first baby product of Poppiezz was born!


Handy, sturdy and supersafe gadgets for your baby


As well as being handy and sturdy, baby gadgets must of course also be safe: your baby is very precious! For that reason, each baby product is extensively tested, first for safety: Is the stitching strong enough, is the fabric colourfast, how much weight can the materials carry, etc. In addition, the quality of the fabrics and materials is extensively examined. The product is then sent to the parents to try it out: is it as handy, easy to use, and comfortable for their baby as I thought? And the ultimate test, and the biggest compliment I can think of: that the baby is completely relaxed and happy when it plays, lies down or sleeps! That is what makes Poppiezz The Happy Company!